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Marine Parts - Decarb Set - Decarbonizing Marine Engines 

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From old mechanics notebooks: Decarb is the term the mechanics use to remove carbon buildup from the engine head. During combustion carbon builds up around the valve stems, on the top of the pistons and the cylinder head. The mechanic will remove the engine head, clean the carbon from the top of the pistons, remove the carbon from the head, remove the carbon from the intake valves and exhaust valves, clean all parts thoroughly, assemble with new valve stem seals and replace the head on the engine. The decarb gasket set includes all the seals and gaskets from the head gasket upwards.
Decarbonizing:  Carbon deposits form in the combustion chambers and affect the cylinder heads, valves and pistons.  To decarbonize the engine it will be necessary to remove and dismantle the cylinder head, then proceed as follows:
1. Ensure that the piston is at top dead center. Using a blunt tool carefully remove the carbon deposit from the piston top and the top of the cylinder. Do not use a wire brush on the pistons.
2. Using a valve spring compressor remove all valves and retain in assembly order. Thoroughly clean cylinder head of all dirt and carbon. paying particular attention to inlet and exhaust ports. If possible clean the inlet ports with a
rotary wire brush to give a polished finish.  Clean all valves of carbon deposits and reseat the valves on the valve seats using valve lapping compound.
3. Ensure that as the carbon is removed. it does not enter the coolant passages or oil passages of the crankcase and cylinder head.
4. Thoroughly clean and inspect cylinder head and all parts, replace parts if worn beyond service limits.
5. Reassemble all parts in head and install on engine using new gaskets and seals.  
6. Tighten head bolts in the proper sequence with the recommended torque tightening values. 

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